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                                             That was Then

I was born in Yorkshire and grew up at the sea side town of Whitby, great place but as a kid I couldn’t wait to leave, and at the tender age of 16 (with my head firmly in the clouds) I joined the Royal Air Force as an engineer.


I have always loved art (especially Sci-fi and fantasy) and whilst serving in Germany in the early 80’s I came across some stunning fantasy works by an artist called Chris Achellios, he used an airbrush to capture realistic tones and effects, and I was hooked (spending every bit of free time to master the art).


  As I was unable to attend Art College, due to being in the RAF, opportunities did arise on many occasions to fulfil my creative needs. I designed art work for Squadron T-shirts and prints, for detachments, but mainly I got to do large murals on many a wall or hangar door at various military bases across the globe.


                                                          This is Now

   I finished my time in the RAF as an instructor 27 years later, in 2006, and my life took an amazing 180° turn. I was asked by an old acquaintance if I could do an 18ft mural at his school while I had a bit of time on my hands, this was to be the first of many at his school and word spread within the area, before I knew it I had a lot of commissions for my murals. A short time later I was then employed by Creative Arts East as a Graffiti tutor, due to my use with the airbrush & being a qualified instructor.


   Since then I have completed over 400 murals and held 300 graffiti workshops working for various schools, youth groups and companies such as NR5 Future project, Creative Arts East, The BBC, Broadland & North Norfolk Councils, Northampton, Kings Lynn and Lincolnshire county councils, Connexions, The Norfolk Police, Break charity and many others.


   I have also had the privilege of being involved in some great public art events including.....

BBC Countryfile, The Olympic touch Relay, Tour of Britain,


The Big Draw, BBC Blast, The Royal Norfolk Show, The Out There Festival Hunstanton Lifestyles Festival


“Wild In Art’s” Go Elephants, Northampton Safari & pride projects, The North Walsham Hippo Trail, Stand Tall for Colchester Zoo 2013 London Litracy Book Bench Trail

Break Charity & wild in Art’s, Go Go Gorillas 2013 and GoGo Dragons 2015

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